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Be The Inspired You is a motivational lifestyle brand offering high-quality training, inspirational content, coaching, and consulting services to promote personal and professional development. We empower individuals and professionals to confidently leverage their unique skills and strengths to live a more purposeful and fulfilling life

Start-Up & Entrepreneur Consulting  

Are you an entrepreneur, podcaster, YouTuber, small startup, or new nonprofit with a vision, solid concept, and ideas of what you'd like to do, but you're unsure how and where to start? Perhaps your thoughts and ideas are all over the place, and you feel intimidated by taking the first step. Maybe you're an overwhelmed DIY person or a checklist executing pro whose more task-oriented and thrives better at carrying out a custom to-do list. If any of this sounds like you, I got you covered. 

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Business Formation

  • Creative Brainstorming

  • Brand Identity

  • Professional Bios/Press Kits

  • Strategic Planning

  • Idea Cultivating

  • Custom Roadmaps

  • Branding

  • Content & Product Development

Speaking | Moderating | Workshops

Enthusiasm, engagement, transparency, and authenticity are crucial to delivering messages. My passion for serving is the foundation of my sessions. I work with individuals and organizations to cultivate talent and empower teams to identify and own personal skills for professional success in life.

Other topics available upon request

  • HYOUman In The Workplace: Leveraging Personal Skills for Professional Success

  • The Transilient You: Mastering Resilience During Times of Transition

  • College & Career Readiness

  • Living Significantly & Operating in Excellence

  • Identity Christ's: Faith, Purpose & Womanhood

1-on-1 & Christian Coaching

There's typically a gap between where we are and where we'd like to be. I believe life is not only about creating a legacy and living on purpose but also about closing the gap. Faith, transparency, and my commitment to operating with excellence and integrity are crucial parts of my coaching approach. It is my delight to meet prospective clients where they are while challenging their aptitude for growth. I believe we all deserve to live the life we were created for and that we have everything we need to win. With a bit of accountability, a plan of action, hard work, and great coaching, we can close those gaps and live a more fulfilling life.

Prayer & biblical principles are used in Christian coaching

  • Purpose Coaching

  • Resilience Coaching 

  • Relationship Coaching

  • Christian Coaching

  • General (Life) Coaching

Academic & Early Career Coaching

Working with teens, college students, and young adults is a sweet spot for me. I've worked as a post-secondary coach for a couple of school districts and have spoken at several universities. My passion for serving and inspiring Millennials and Gen-Zers' to live a more purposed, fulfilling, and meaningful life (professionally), prompted me to author Woosah: A Survival Guide For Women of Color Working In Corporate. Assisting in this capacity better prepares clients' evolution in today's society and organizational landscape.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Goal & Objective Setting

  • ACT Prep 

  • College & Scholarship Applications

  • Negotiating Salaries

  • Career Path Planning 

  • Strategic Planning

  • Interviewing & Networking 

  • Custom Goal-Oriented roadmaps

  • Professional Biography

  • LinkedIn Coaching

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Everything you've ever dreamed of is on the other side of fear, discipline, and taking action.

-Rahkal Shelton Roberson

CEO, Be The Inspired You, LLC


Ruth, CEO/Co-founder

Rahkal's clear thinking, creativity, insights into how to craft a message for maximum impact and her ability to connect with others authentically really stand out. Her knowledge of how we tick, awareness of the differences and similarities of personal experiences and her curiosity mean that she gently and firmly challenges stereotypes and helps clients to consider new perspectives.

Danny, Executive/VP

Rahkal's exceptional wisdom and knowledge provided content to be able to do better at work for everyone. It was amazing to hear the stories and experiences so we can all do better as humans! I also love that she brought so many people together and kept us all highly engaged. I would highly recommend more workshops and support!

Darius, TV News Reporter

Rahkal can be viewed as someone with a friendly-personality with a inquisitive undertone that shows you she’s always thinking ahead. That’s what I always loved. Her follow up questions, her follow ups after a session are what developed me and cultivated a long lasted relationship even after I achieved my goal.

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