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Jeremiah 29:11 Significant Living 
Christian Coaching

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future," -God.

Guess what? God created you to be a unique solution to some of life's most complex problems. He created you on purpose and with a mighty purpose at that. God desires for you to THRIVE personally and professionally.

But balancing faith, morality, and living out your purpose in a culture that does not promote character and integrity but elevates the material and instant gratification can be challenging. 

Life isn't just about now, but it's about creating a legacy, living on purpose, and closing the gaps between where you are and where God has called you to be. As a disciple and follower of Jesus Christ, I delight in meeting and serving prospective clients where they are while challenging their aptitude for growth. We all deserve to live the life we were created for and have everything we need to win. As believers, the Bible tells us that faith without works is dead, meaning we can't believe in something without putting in the work to achieve it. 

Are you ready to close those gaps between where you are and where God created you to be? You can have everything that belongs to you with accountability, a plan of action, faith, prayer, consistency, HARD WORK, and great coaching. The difference between this and the life coaching offering is inviting the Holy Spirit, incorporating prayer and coaching/advising from a Biblical perspective. 

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  • Six 1hr weekly virtual coaching sessions via your computer or over the phone 

  • Sense of partnership and community, someone to walk with you

  • A strategic planning session

  • A goal-setting session

  • Bi-Wkly custom to-do list based on goals/coaching sessions

  • Access to a shared folder with resources, meeting notes, and deliverables 

  • Midpoint check-in assessments

  • Customized prayers 

  • 30 Affirmations to ignite the inspired you (complimentary ebook)

  • Purpose & passion pointer guide (complimentary download)

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  • Increased confidence in your abilities, less anxiety

  • A sense of fulfillment and freedom from feeling stuck and directionless

  • Clarity on vision, goals, and a blueprint to achieve goals 

  • Practical tools to execute challenges, goals, and techniques for self-mastery

  • Tangible results 

  • Guaranteed professional development (if you're willing to work)

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