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Legacy Investing Academic & Early Career Coaching

*affordable rates & packages available*

Whether exiting high school or college, preparing to graduate and/or entering the real world can be a sobering and scary feeling. I've found the ages of 16-24 are some of the most impressionable and challenging years to navigate, especially with social media nabbing with unrealistic standards and expectations. 

Sometimes, just having a voice of reason, a consultant, and a thought partner can help you stay grounded and focused. One of my sweet spots is partnering with teens, college students, and young adults. My professional experience includes working as a post-secondary coach and speaking at various colleges and universities. My passion for serving and inspiring millennials and gen-zers' to live a more purposed, fulfilling, and meaningful life not only energizes me but provides hope for the future. 

I believe there's you and an inspired version of you. The inspired you is your inner savage; that's the relentless you who follows through on intentions, takes decisive action, speaks up, and sets goals while executing them. The inspired YOU is the YOU; YOU were created to be. 

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Here's what you get:

  • Six 1hr live coaching sessions (1 call per week)

  • Career path planning

  • Sense of partnership community, someone to walk with you

  • Two 30-minute sessions (strategic planning and goal setting)

  • College scholarship application list (for high school students)

  • Recommended ACT prep schedules

  • Strategies for salary negotiation

  • Recommendation letter (high school students)

  • Resume feedback, professional bio and LinkedIn audit

  • Interviewing, networking, job hunting, and college application tools 

  • Bi-Wkly custom to-do list based on where you are with goals/coaching sessions

  • Access to a shared folder with meeting notes, deliverables, and to-do list (as applicable)

  • Midpoint check-in assessments

  • 30 Affirmations to ignite the inspired you (complimentary ebook)

  • Purpose & passion pointer guide (complimentary download)

Here's what you'll gain:

  • Increased confidence in your abilities, less anxiety, and fulfillment

  • Freedom from feeling stuck and directionless

  • Clarity on vision, goals, and a blueprint to achieve goals 

  • Practical tools to execute challenges, goals, and techniques for self-mastery

  • Become more self-reliant

  • Structure and less anxiety, stress, and feeling overwhelmed

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