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ISBN- 978-0-578-56538-5


A Survival Guide for Women of Color Working in Corporate

No, it's not just you, and you're not tripping! Let's be honest; the majority of the corporations we’re working for weren’t founded with us in mind. It is no secret how stressful, challenging, and difficult working in corporate America can be, especially for women of color. But guess what, Sis? You made it, and most of us had to fight really hard to get here. We’ve worked long hours, continued our education, moved across the country, and made countless sacrifices. Now, wouldn’t it be nice to feel respected, valued, and be equally compensated? Wouldn’t it be nice to create more significant contributions toward our careers while navigating the corporate beatdown more effectively? Look no further; help is in your hand. 

But, first, let’s take a deep breath and woosah. Woosah: A Survival Guide for Women of Color Working in Corporate is guaranteed to help you better navigate the workplace while keeping your confidence, cool, and peace of mind. 

Packed with down-to-earth commentary, unfiltered and relatable stories, points to ponder, exercises, and practical tools in it, Rahkal provides invaluable advice for tackling thorny topics like discrimination, wage gaps, biases, toxic environments, self-worth, boundary setting, and community building. This humorous and energetic guide is for the woman who's ready to thrive. 



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