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There's you, and there's an inspired version of you...

A more fulfilling and significant life awaits.

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Meet Rahkal

 Author, Motivational Speaker, Purpose and Resilience Coach

Rahkal Shelton Roberson is a dynamic speaker, certified professional coach, author, and the CEO of Be The Inspired You, a motivational personal and professional development lifestyle brand where she helps individuals find harmony and strategy to break free of self-imposed restrictions while living a more fulfilling and significant life. Her mission is to serve, inspire, and help professionals confidently identify, own, and live out their God-given purpose.


She has a Master's in Media Communications and Training and a Bachelor's in Radio/TV/Film.


Rahkal is the author of Woosah: A Survival Guide for Women of Color Working In Corporate, Dreams Bigger Than Texas: A Story of Faith, Purpose, Perseverance, and Growth Into Womanhood, and Blackbird: The Story of a SistaMom.


Ruth, CEO/Co-founder

Rahkal's clear thinking, creativity, insights into how to craft a message for maximum impact and her ability to connect with others authentically really stand out. Her knowledge of how we tick, awareness of the differences and similarities of personal experiences and her curiosity mean that she gently and firmly challenges stereotypes and helps clients to consider new perspectives.

Danny, Executive/VP

Rahkal's exceptional wisdom and knowledge provided content to be able to do better at work for everyone. It was amazing to hear the stories and experiences so we can all do better as humans! I also love that she brought so many people together and kept us all highly engaged. I would highly recommend more workshops and support!

Darius, TV News Reporter

Rahkal can be viewed as someone with a friendly-personality with a inquisitive undertone that shows you she’s always thinking ahead. That’s what I always loved. Her follow up questions, her follow ups after a session are what developed me and cultivated a long lasted relationship even after I achieved my goal.


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New Release

Dreams Bigger Than Texas: A Story of Faith, Purpose, Perseverance, and Growth into Womanhood, will leave you daring to DREAM, reimagining your own story, and passionately pursuing purpose. A rose-from-concrete, hood, hope, and love story, Dreams Bigger Than Texas infuses comedy, insight, and faith. It's raw, revealing, relatable, and flat-out inspiring. The transparency and authenticity of personal triumphs will leave you empowered to:


1. Reconcile your own traumas and self-sabotaging cycles

2. Understand that your past doesn’t dictate your future

3. Believe that you, too, are divinely guided and protected