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I know, I know. I have to earn it! 3/20/17

I never truly gave too much thought into the type of parent I'd be until recently. I mean we have ideas, but you don't truly know how you'd be until you're into it.

"I know, I know. I have to earn it," exclaimed my little lady as she refrained from asking me for something for the 57th time. "Yes, you have to earn things around here, pull your weight, be accountable and I need to trust you. In life dear, nothing is free," I told her.She nodded with a sneaky little smirk before saying, okay mommy. I mean sistamom.

No babies in this house

So, my close friends know: I'm not playing when it comes to handling business. We have a little contract called "house rules" right by the door. It's is a reminder for them as they enter and exit our home. Kids need structure, and I am going to give it to them. LOL! No babies in this house, No freaking out and No "I can't" are just a few.

They are not allowed to say they can't do something or IDK how until they tried over and over and even asked each other for help. Sounds harsh but there is a method to my madness. I'm hella fun too but serious when it comes to structure. They will thank me later.

We did some "owning the room "role playing yesterday after church. This was after I grilled them on self-confidence and positive perceptions. Lord knows I wish my mother had the wherewithal to do this with me growing up. Needless to say, I find myself subconsciously aiming to bridge my childhood gaps with them. Having the same drug addicted dad and resonating deeply with their plight; I see my siblings and me in them. This motivates me to push forward when I'm incredibly beat. I have been down a dangerous road. If I can help to navigate them, we win. The potential and possibilities of their futures are so exciting me. They are amazing kids!

Anywho, I taught the nine-year-old how to do laundry and the 11-year-old dishes. I got them watches and a clock. They learned to set the alarm and to time themselves (they move too slow, errr). I made it into a game. Te He he.

We are now a month in, and I no longer wake them up. The kids finally know to get up, put on their glasses, make their beds, wash faces and to get dressed without me.

My little lady runs point on this. Yay! We are steps closer to independence.

After a successful week, we have treats like in the photo above.


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