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Falling in love - 9 Months later 10/26/17

I wanted to be deep, and make this blog symbolic to our 9th month and all, but I'll just flow :).

First, if this is your first time checking out SistaMom, welcome!

Be sure to read Instant Mommy and get caught up.

So, November 10th is our ninth month together, and I'm here for it (sometimes). Let's say lately I'm more around 75% here for it. The other 25% is wrestling with missing my freedom, time, money, space and ability to be mobile.

I think of all the happy hours, games I could be watching, sleep, networking socials and dates that I could be on. However, my softer side is moved beyond belief as I'm looking them in the eyes, daily. They're progressing so beautifully, and it's only been nine months.

I'm falling in love! I prayed for this in order to make our transition easier. I mean I've always loved them but being in love is different. Instant motherhood is excruciating, but God is teaching unconditional love, patience, flexibility (OMG) and to view time differently.

Kids move so freaking slow - it boils my blood! I've always been a punctual / chop chop person (who hates to repeat myself) now I'm like pulling my lashes out.

They don't give a rats azz about my schedule or time LOL (I'm not really laughing out loud). Maybe I've struggled with treating them like little adults (to the point that I get irritated when they act like the children they are)?

I don't' remember being irresponsible, forgetful, wasteful or lackadaisical as a kid *sigh*. Then again, maybe I was LOL (I'm laughing out loud this time).


We did a complete 180! They look, sound, think and move differently than when they arrived. They're entirely different kids than the ones I met from Inglewood, Chicago.

They're breathing examples of my full body of work relating to mentorship, exposure, opportunities, and resources. I genuinely believe when children are giving a chance, support systems, villages, proper nutrition, bare essentials, resources, and LOVE... They thrive!

My little man is killing it academically (we used to fight at homework time, daily)! Now he's acing quizzes and wearing cologne :). He's more refined, respectful, and focused!

My little lady is 2nd in command. She keeps her brother in check. She's working to be more responsible and accountable. Rae is helpful, compassionate and very talented!

We're feeling like a family lately! Words can’t express the vibes and get up that I have to tackle parenting (head-on). It’s like a second wind or something; I’m engaged, understanding and more patient. Shout-out to my SSRI (nope, not ashamed). I needed help. It was essential. The kids deserved a better me; I deserved a better me for all of us.


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