Thanks and Giving! 11/30/17

I was pretty excited about Thanksgiving this year. Truthfully, I haven’t celebrated Thanksgiving since about 2012 with an old ex (feels like forever).

Anywho, If this is your first time reading, please allow me to introduce myself. Single, ambitious, workaholic turned instant mother of two – Hi, my name is Rahkal Shelton.

You can call me Sista Mom. Yes, much like it sounds. I am a sister acting like a mother.

Please read "Instant Mommy" and get caught up.

So, I took in my little half-siblings earlier this year, and it’s been a journey ever since. We are approaching our 10th month together and working to create a couple of epic memories during this time.

On Thanksgiving, I'm usually working, eating pizza and watching football until I get my hands on a couple of plates (ahh I have such awesome friends).

Busy and used to being on the go, I did NOT see myself buying a tablecloth and apron. Purchasing a tablecloth was pretty huge for me! If you knew me, this is pretty funny. Don’t get it twisted; I can cook but usually at my discretion and for just me (side-eye). Now, I have a family and forever hungry kids to feed.

That said, I was excited about cooking Thanksgiving this year and did a hell of a job hyping them up as well. We shopped together, bought décor, listened to music and journaled about what we are thankful for.

Afterall, this year was super rough for us. We experienced four deaths (including the kid's benefactor), and they acclimated to a new city, school, region, and household. We're still getting adapted to each other.

Personally, it’s been the toughest for me juggling changes and being an instant mom. My career had to change, lifestyle, social life, freedom, finances and everything you can think of. Despite back to back loss, I had to keep a sharp face with minimal grieving - for the kids (at least this is what I thought).

That soon ended after realizing my humanity. Yup! Superwoman has left the building ladies and gentlemen.

In under nine months, I lost my granny, grandpa, best friend (cousin) and his mother, my aunt (the caretaker). But, you know what?!! I gained two incredible little children who love me unconditionally. Through them, I’ve learned to love deeper and embrace parts of ME unconditionally. I’m being challenged in ways I didn’t think possible. It hurts, but I am thankful.

Okay, back to Thanksgiving. In efforts to teach gratefulness: we bought food, made lunches and rode around the city of Atlanta looking for sleeping bodies and transient faces to feed.

Joy, curiosity, and excitement were some of the emotions I saw on the kids. My little man had 25 questions (of course), and my little lady kept saying she was excited. She does this when she’s pleased. She announces it over and over lol.

“Mommy, I’m so happy we’re feeding homeless. I can’t wait!” She calls me mommy, btw.

Rahk, “If they’re homeless where do they shower in the morning?”

Where do they get those cardboards and markers from?

What if they try to hug or touch us? We should get some sanitizer hun, Rahk? My Lil man asked.

Answering every question to the best of my ability; their energy made me dance inside. It was my first family Thanksgiving and