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Week X - 4/23/17!

Hawks vs Wizards

"Why is everyone cheering for the Hawks? Is everyone here a Hawks fan," inquired Zae.

"We live in Atlanta love. When a team plays at home most people are rooting for the home team," I said.

They attended their first Playoff / NBA game yesterday! We had a blast!!!

Xae, my little man, has made consecutive A's and B's (boosting the MUCH NEEDED confidence and esteem he's growing). He's made tremendous strides here academically. Sadly enough, this is his first time making A's & B's being supported, encouraged and believing in himself. Yep.

He earned those NBA tickets and lit up the whole time!

Ms. Rae (the little beauty) has demonstrated far more responsibility, support, and confidence. Despite typical little girl moodiness (side-eye), she is coming into her own very well! I've been grooming her to be #2 (in charge) the last couple of weeks. It's amazing to see her leap of independence from week 4 to week 10. She holds it down really well.

My methods haven't truly changed. I still believe in transparency, relatability and teachable moments with kids. While I understand and grew up under the old school - mama era, things have changed. "Real" old school mamas are scarce. An old school mama is one big on tradition and respect.  Heck, Ima mid 80s baby (84' to be exact) what can I say? I'm used to that "Stay out of grown folks business, do as I say, don't ask me why, shut your mouth, kids don't have a say" and so on...

In my opinion, that rearing isn't as effective especially for (post millennial/digital age) kids.

We need an understanding greater than because I said so (sometimes). You see, having an understanding supports better decision making and even the potential of factoring in consequences vs. flat out rebellion (stemmed by curiosity). Understanding can help minimize that interest which minimizes trouble.

Granted, I'm a new mom rearing my siblings. So, it provides a little wiggle room but I'm still their parent, and they need guidance, structure, rewards and the understanding of risk.

Like, we have a real conversation! I break everything down to them. Luckily, our similarities encourage me to give it to them straight. I get it and understand what it's like to be exposed to stuff your eyes can't take back. Around here, I shout-out the good stuff (progress) as a balanced to when I must reprimand.

Despite burning out and temptations to sit in I-75 traffic (just kidding), we seem to be grooving. I'm working on releasing control and silencing the perfectionist in me to simply flow better. I want to be more organic and release any pressure going into week 10. Moving forward, it's about allowing the difficulties and rewards of our learning curve to straighten me out.


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