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Career/Business Coaching
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Career/business coaching is incredibly beneficial in helping you to identify and achieve your deepest professional passions and goals.  Having a thorough career strategist by your side, you can achieve desired outcomes faster and more effectively. With over 15 years of combined experience in broadcast, project management, and education, I leverage my professional problem-solving, critical thinking, and strategic planning skills with my knack for creativity, solutions, and passion for serving others. As your business coach, I will provide sound strategy and creative feedback for your ideas to go from conception to actualization. For career coaching specifically, I help you to identify and overcome obstacles and offer support and encouragement where you need it most. We'll set realistic goals and develop habits and routines to help you achieve your goals. With my coaching and your hard work, you'll gain clarity on your career path and create a plan to help you move forward in a positive and meaningful direction. 

Did you know there are typically gaps between where you are and where you'd like to be?


Let's dream a bit. What does the ideal professional (you) look like? Now take a moment and ask yourself what's stopping you from being this.

I love creating nonjudgmental, emotionally safe spaces for my clients. My coaching style is thoughtful and relatable but also firm. I believe if you're willing to work, we will get results. 


**If you're more of a creative/entrepreneur, be sure to ask about the creative consulting options** 

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  • Six 1hr weekly virtual coaching sessions via your computer or over the phone 

  • Sense of partnership and community, someone to walk with you

  • A strategic planning session

  • A goal-setting session

  • Bi-Wkly custom to-do list based on goals/coaching sessions

  • Access to a shared folder with resources, meeting notes, and deliverables 

  • Midpoint check-in assessments

  • Strategies for salary negotiation (or business / entrepreneurial equivalent)  

  • LinkedIn layout support 

  • Resume and cover letter feedback

  • Mock interview prep (or business / entrepreneurial equivalent)

  • 30 Affirmations to ignite the inspired you (complimentary ebook)

  • Purpose & passion pointer guide (complimentary download)                                                                                    **Some items may vary depending on the client's need**

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  • Increased confidence in your abilities, less anxiety

  • Clear roadmaps for professional goal execution

  • A sense of fulfillment and freedom from feeling stuck and directionless

  • Clarity on vision, goals, and a blueprint to achieve goals 

  • Practical tools to execute challenges, goals, and techniques for self-mastery

  • Tangible results 

  • Guaranteed professional development (if you're willing to work)

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