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Let's be honest; much of today's society prioritizes the grind, hustle, and bottom line over employees, causing workloads and workplace environments to be exhausting. And for women of color, this exhaustion is amplified. Whether navigating through lower wages, the added stress of discrimination, gaslighting, and being undermined, it's not always easy to put our best foot forward.

We spend hours educating, cracking microaggressive codes, disarming colleagues, and artfully expressing ourselves, which takes us away from what matters most — feeling valued and making purposeful contributions to the workplace. So how can we make our careers and work environments more fulfilling and aligned with our passions and personal big pictures?

Look no further; help is in your hand. But first, let's take a deep breath and WOOOOOOOSAH. This workbook companion to Woosah: A Survival Guide for Women of Color Working In Corporate is the perfect self-guided activity workbook to help women of color feel seen and heard while learning valuable skills to advocate for their workplace peace.

Providing insight, thought-provoking exercises, and helpful strategies for a more satisfying work experience, Woosah is the perfect first step to workplace fulfillment! Are you ready for some workplace peace?


  • Powerful pondering questions and key chapter points
  • Coaching activities and execution strategies
  • Helpful tips for interviewing, networking, and career planning
  • Talking points for boundary setting and self-care tools
  • Workbook pages tailored to help evaluate your own work experiences
  • Personalized, in-depth goal-setting activities, master planning/action plans, and writing prompts
  • Blank journal pages to record ideas, insights, and strategies
  • Excerpts from Woosah: A Survival Guide for Women of Color Working In Corporate

Woosah Workplace Peace: A Workbook & Journal for Women of Color

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