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The WILDerness EP. 6

Happy Friday, Freebies!

Last week I talked about the wilderness and asked if anyone ever felt like God had ghosted them. In case you missed it, check it out here.

This week I have just a little more to get off my chest. First, allow me to reassure you that God hasn't forgotten about you and that he hears and sees everything you're going through. Next, let me redefine what the wilderness means.

The wilderness is that in-between time. It's being stuck in the middle of the promise/blessings (what you're asking/believing God for) and the journey it takes to get there.

It's a season(s) that every believer will go through. These seasons in the middle are used to build character, a deeper relationship/dependence on God and opportunities to learn more about ourselves (what we're really made of).

And, from experience, the wilderness can be ROUGH, especially when it feels like God is taking his sweet time, like we did something wrong or like he's forgotten about us.

During these times, the main thing to remember is that God is omnipresent (he's everywhere). And, he knows all, so he hasn't forgotten you, and he understands how you feel and how bad you want it.

Today, I wanted to share some other things to consider during your wilderness time.

  • God will sustain you and provide for you (he loves you that much). Now, the provision may not be what you want, but best believe you will have what you need.

His provider status doesn't shift because your wait feels long.

Ever heard of the children of Israel in the bible? They were in the wilderness for 40 years on the way to their promised and rocking the same shoes and clothes the entire time!

Guess what? Neither their shoes nor clothing wore out, either. Crazy right? And, God had provided food and water to keep them going. The food wasn't Fogo de Chão Steakhouse, but they didn't go hungry.

Wait, don't be alarmed your wilderness won't be 40 years! They had a 40 year wilderness for a couple of reasons. They kept disobeying God, failing tests, sinning, living wild and complaining the entire time to name a few.

Sis, there will be times when our behaviors are the cause of our wait. But, you know if you out here living foul (side-eye). I'm speaking to those who are living like a decent, integral humans who has a relationship with God.

When you get a chance, read up on the Children of Israel and their wilderness experience starting from the book of Exodus. It is reallllyy good, and make sure you read it in a translation that makes sense for you to understand. I like the NLT, NIV, or GW translation.

The bible app is a good start. Download for free here.

And ummmm, the bible is high-key, LIT! Talk about a dope drama series. Netflix and Prime have nothing on the bible and these stories in them. Chiiiile, I'll have to do a separate blog about the bible being lit later.

Back to what I was saying about the wilderness:

  • God has to ensure your dependence is entirely on him, and those silent wilderness moments will do it. So, when you make big money, go viral, gain followers, get the television opportunity, the influence, or the house, you don't forget where they came from—humility/dependency.

God doesn't want you to not remember who you belong to and he wants to use your blessings to be a blessing to others. Think about how tragic and easy some people forget who put them on. It's nothing like being solely dependent on God because he gives the BEST gifts to his children.

Hmm, depending on God...You know what I'm talking about where you're crying, snotting, punching the air, and seeking him with your whole heart because you need him. Have you ever needed God that bad? I have.

Imagine how much that means to the creator that his creation desires him. He loves to have us heartfelt in his presence. Heartfelt moments are genuine moments. These moments produce trust and a deeper connection. God wants intimacy with us during the wilderness.

Hopefully, the bond built during this time will cultivate the character needed to keep the blessing, promise, or wherever you're believing God for! It's nothing like being bless prematurely and then embarrass yourself because you don't have the character and discipline to keep it.

That's another blog for another day!

Sis, stop complaining in your wilderness and keep those eyes peeled. God is moving, speaking, and his arms are open to embracing you while he's planning the biggest comeback story in your life. Just watch!

Drop a comment and share with your girls if you found this helpful.

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Coach Rahk


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