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Rahkal Shelton Roberson

Born to a 19-year-old heroin and cocaine addict on the rough South Side of Chicago, raised in abject poverty amid the perils of drugs, domestic violence, and fatherlessness, Rahkal Shelton Roberson is the epitome of resilience and overcoming adversities. 

Uncovering some of life's most challenging lessons at an early age, she's discovered that sometimes, numbers do lie! Statistics say children raised in domestically violent homes and/or homes filled with substance abuse and poverty are less likely to succeed and more likely to become products of their environment. 

These are her statistics; but, this isn't her story. Rahkal is a dynamic speaker, certified professional life coach, mentor, author, and a self-proclaimed "Inspo Enthusiast." 

Over her career as a project manager, business coordinator, and producer, she's found that success is achieved by intentionality, strategy, resilience, and a healthy mindset. 

Rahkal is a firm believer in helping individuals find harmony and strategy to break free of self-imposed restrictions while living a more fulfilling and significant life. Her mission is to serve, inspire, and help individuals confidently identify, own, and live out their God-given purpose.

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She is the CEO of Be The Inspired You, a motivational personal, and professional development lifestyle brand, offering high-quality content, coaching, and learning experiences.  

Rahkal has over 12 years of experience working for conglomerates, including CNN, Warner Media (formerly Turner Broadcasting System Inc.), iHeartMedia (formerly Clear Channel Communications), and Fox Chicago News. She has a Master's in Media Communications and Training and a Bachelor's in Radio/TV/Film.

Rahkal is the author of Woosah: A Survival Guide for Women of Color Working In Corporate, Dreams Bigger Than Texas: A Story of Faith, Purpose, Perseverance, and Growth Into Womanhood, and Blackbird: The Story of a SistaMom.