But, first, let’s take a deep breath and WOOOOOSAH.

Woosah: A Survival Guide for Women of Color Working in Corporate is guaranteed to help better navigate the workplace while keeping your confidence, cool, and peace of mind. 

ISBN- 978-0-578-56538-5


A Survival Guide for Women of Color Working in Corporate

No, it's not just you, and you're not tripping! Let's be honest; the majority of the corporations we’re working for weren’t founded with us in mind. It is no secret how stressful, challenging, and difficult working in corporate America can be, especially for women of color. But guess what, Sis? You made it, and most of us had to fight really hard to get here. We’ve worked long hours, continued our education, moved across the country, and made countless sacrifices. Now, wouldn’t it be nice to feel respected, valued, and be equally compensated? Wouldn’t it be nice to create more significant contributions toward our careers while navigating the corporate beatdown more effectively? Look no further; help is in your hand. 

But, first, let’s take a deep breath and woosah. Woosah: A Survival Guide for Women of Color Working in Corporate is guaranteed to help you better navigate the workplace while keeping your confidence, cool, and peace of mind. 

Packed with down-to-earth commentary, unfiltered and relatable stories, points to ponder, exercises, and practical tools in it, Rahkal provides invaluable advice for tackling thorny topics like discrimination, wage gaps, biases, toxic environments, self-worth, boundary setting, and community building. This humorous and energetic guide is for the woman who's ready to thrive. 

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Imagine receiving a call that your beloved aunt, the matriarch of your family, is dying of cancer and will pass any day now. As a result, you’re forced into making an on-the-fly, life-changing decision.


This happens to Danielle, a beautiful, single, and successful thirty-two-year-old career woman who has published her first book and works in Atlanta for one of the largest media companies in the world. She’s living the dream and all set to announce her memoir while planning an epic release party and homecoming in Chicago after relocating three years prior.


Life drastically shifts as she learns her beloved aunt has Stage IV lung cancer. This relative played a prominent role in Danielle's childhood and in the lives of her two young half-siblings by a drug-addicted father she hardly knows. 


As their aunt lies dying, the children, ages ten and eight, are fighting for their lives. Raven and Man Man are growing up on the South Side of Chicago, exposed to drugs, violence, and chaos and almost sure to become statistics themselves. They are days away from being taken into state custody due to their aunt’s illness. But, fate brings Danielle and the children together, radically changing the trajectory of all their lives. She takes them in becoming an instant mom, a SistaMom.

This is the story of Blackbird.


The Story of a SistaMom

A Story of Purpose, Perseverance and Growth Into Womanhood

Dreams Bigger Than Texas

Born to a 19-year-old heroin and cocaine-addicted mother, Dee entered the cold South Side of Chicago, second to the oldest of four. Consumed by despair, saturated in abuse and violence, and infested with social disease, she becomes accustomed to an environment predicted to produce a hopeless and confined being. Sleeping under carpet in freezing temperatures, being evicted and moving from state to state – Dee learns some of life’s hardest lessons at an early age. Her fondest memories are the life-changing summers spent in Chicago with her cousins and little sister Pee Wee.

Dee struggles with an ongoing internal battle stemming from the past. Consequently, she heads down a path of promiscuity, insecurities, disappointments, and defeat. Feeling and finding her way, she is powered by a seemingly invisible and everlasting presence she acknowledges as her “help.” This “help” energizes a vivacious raw seed, who develops into a force to be reckoned with.


Destined to evolve beyond the societal jungle that birthed her, Dee surpasses her mother’s consistent words “You bet not bring no babies in this house. And be sure to get yo GED” by graduating from high school and college. Experiencing the rich cultural, and life-changing atmosphere of a historically black university in Texas, Dee evolves, gains confidence and develops the desire to impact culture. Returning to her place of birth as an assured, passionate young woman, Dee eventually discovers purpose and who her “help” is. She identifies her “help” after an epiphany steaming from an abysmal breakup with an ex.



FALL 2021

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