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Dreams Bigger Than Texas is an astonishing coming-of-age biography that promises to leave you daring to DREAM, reimagining your own story, and passionately pursuing purpose. It’s a rose-from-concrete, hood, hope, and love story that chronicles the life of Rahkal “Dee” Shelton, who was born on the South Side of Chicago to a 19-year-old heroin and cocaine addict into a world of abject poverty, drugs, and violence.


Enduring some of life’s most challenging lessons at an early age, she miraculously survives, becoming the first in her family to graduate high school and attend college. Experiencing the rich cultural and life-changing atmosphere of a Historical Black University in Texas is where her true self-discovery begins.


Outwardly, Dee thrives, a poster child for resilience. But privately, her life is in shambles as she wrestles with strongholds and demons from her past. Vehemently on a quest to find self-worth, purpose, and love from her absentee father, Dee heads down a bleak path of poor decision making, insecurities, promiscuity, and defeat.


Unbeknownst to her, she is divinely guided, protected, and powered by a seemingly invisible and everlasting presence that she later acknowledges as her “help”. This “help” energizes a vivacious raw seed, eventually developing her into a force to be reckoned with. Dreams Bigger Than Texas is a coming-of-age tale that you, Mama, Auntie, and your girls all can relate to.


Infused with comedy, insight, and faith, the author is raw, revealing, relatable, and flat-out inspiring. Unlike any memoir you’ll ever read, the transparency, relatability, and discovery of the “Help” will leave you empowered to:



1.Rewrite your own story



2.Believe that your past doesn’t dictate your future



3. Accept the fact that you, too, are divinely guided and protected


Dreams Bigger Than Texas: A Story of Faith, Purpose, Perseverance and Growth...



    Dreams Bigger Than Texas: A Story of Faith, Purpose, Perseverance, and Growth Into Womanhood


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