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Growing Pains EP. 23

Hey Freebies,

Happy Friday. I pray you (yes, you) are feeling well and have something to look forward to the weekend.

Today, I wanna talk about the bittersweetness associated with character development and growth. GROWTH!!!! Yes, growth. Don't look at me like that either.

Growth, although uncomfortable, it's a good thing. Hence, the bittersweetness.

If you've ever prayed the prayer, Lord, I want to be more like you or Lord give me __(insert what you've been asking for)__, then you're in for a serious treat, and I don't mean the kind of treat you'll enjoy with your tastebuds.

I'm talking about the process we undergo to develop into women stronger enough to sustain what we've asked God for.

Think about it like this, you can't be asking God for that 100k salary if you know you struggle with saving, spending, and being financially responsible. What do you think would happen if you got the higher paying job, but your poor habits were in charge of the money? You'd still be borrowing or broke until payday with no recollection of where your money went.

The bitter part is having to endure situations designed to teach discipline and self-control. The sweet part is making more money to better position yourself to travel, give and live a little more. That said, growth requires a little of both bitter and sweet.

Maybe you have asked God for patience? That's a common one, and if this is you and something you asked for, let's just say be prepared to wait, be in tight crunch situations, under pressure, or threading the needle.

Seriously, how else do we grow without experiencing the opposite of what we're asking for? I think you get my drift, and if you do, consider asking God to show you what areas he needs you to grow in.

And, if He reveals this, get to work. Be proactive, so you don't end up in unnecessary challenging situations forcing you to grow.

Lastly, when you find yourself in challenging situations (because you will), don't be in such a hurry to leave. Evaluate how you're growing, and think about what you can walk away with. Don't miss the lesson and area in which God wants you to succeed.

Sis, I believe God is doing great work in you and doesn't want you to miss it. The pain and difficulties associated with whatever you're going through are intended to develop something great in you.

I pray this blesses you.

Until next time,

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Coach Rahk


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