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What is Easter, what's up with the bunnies, and why is Easter important? Ep. 12

Happy Sunday Freebies,

Many Christian and even non-Christians all around the world are celebrating Easter today. Christians are mostly celebrating this holiday to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

And many non-Christians celebrate Easter to mark the celebration of spring or simply to dress their cute little ones up for pictures, art projects, and egg hunts. And whatever other reasons a non-follower of Christ would celebrate Easter.

This leads me to the word's etymology. If I can be honest, it is not my preference to refer to Christ's resurrection as Easter. But hey, that's just me coming from someone raised in the Jewish faith who grew up celebrating Passover.

So, what is Easter, what's up with the bunnies, and why is Easter important?

The word Easter comes from the word Eostre or Eostre, who was a goddess of spring and fertility. Hence the association of eggs represents fertility in many pagan cultures that existed before Christianity.

Now for the rabbit, I mean bunny (chuckling), the origins from what I've researched are unknown. However, a reference on speaks about some historians associating rabbits as procreators. And the birth of baby rabbits (bunnies) in the spring aligns with birth and renewal. I know it's a lot of pagan stuff associated with Easter altogether. Personally, I do not subscribe to the paganism and please stay with me. This blog isn't about that so don't get distracted.

For the believer and follower of Jesus, Resurrection Sunday "Easter" is excellent news. Jesus' empty tomb (where he was placed after being murdered for healing, helping, and teaching people) is a sign that HE IS RISEN and that we serve a LIVING and present Savior. How wonderful it is for Jesus to be a man of his word. He said he'd rise again after being killed, and he did. Check out my Good Friday blog here in case you missed it.

So, for the people who believe in Jesus but doesn't celebrate Resurrection Sunday, let me help you. Resurrection Sunday, also recognized as Easter, is a time of year to reflect, appreciate and commemorate Jesus' resurrection from the dead. Do not be distracted by the pagan traditions, theatrics, bunnies, eggs, rabbits, or even the word "Easter," allowing these to prevent you from remembering our Savior has Risen.

Side note: earlier today, I saw the silliest thing on Instagram, which reminded me of why I share my content to help balance all the misinformation and foolishness. This is what I saw posted:

I want to briefly address this just in case any of you maintain similar thoughts or feelings.

You know how your birthday falls on Tuesday. Still, you're inclined to celebrate it that following Saturday or the Saturday before? Think about those who celebrate their bday all month. Those people are ridiculous, but I love it. I'm always down to celebrate something.
Oh, here's another one; what about when you lose a loved one, and you go to their grave to lay flowers and commemorate their life, but you're not laying flowers at the exact time they died. Isn't it still important to you to remember them?

The shifting Easter dates are similar to this.

But most importantly, isn't the point to celebrate life or your loved one's legacy vs. getting lost in the weeds of when and the timing?

Now, I don't expect non-believers and followers of Jesus to understand the point vs. the method. However, if you choose not to be a follower of Jesus, respect those who do and our decision to.

I had 0 intention of going this technical today. But Jesus's resurrection for us in the US (going by the Eastern calendar) is celebrated after the first full moon after the spring equinox. This year's spring equinox was March 21st. We had our first full moon last night; hence the first Sunday following the full moon is today.

Taaadaaaa, you're welcome. Happy Resurrection Sunday.

But, seriously, if you're into history, dates, and calendars and want to dive deeper, google " Paschal controversies."

Back to the believer or non-believer who may have watched others celebrate Resurrection Sunday throughout the years: There are a few things that I want you to know.

  1. We are all sinners and born into sin (that's just what it is, babies, your pastor, me, and any human you've looked up to is a sinner).

  2. God is so holy that He can't rock with at all. He can't even be near sin. It's like oil and water. It will never mix our vibe together.

  3. Our sin must be covered to even have a relationship with God (since he can't rock with sin).

  4. He sent Jesus (his only son) to come down to earth on a mission to die for our sins. It was/is Jesus' blood (him dying) that gives us the covering hiding our sins so we can be back in a relationship with God. Remember, he can't rock with or be near sin.

  5. Not only did Jesus have one job (which was to come down, shed blood and die for our sins), but after finishing the job, He rose and went back to heaven to be with his/our father again. So, technically Jesus is our big brother and Savior too. How dope is that!

  6. I know this sounds crazy to believe, but you will have to accept it by faith if you choose to believe it. Faith is believing in something that you can't see. So, if you believe in Jesus, He's your door to a relationship with God. He's also the cheat code into heaven (when you die) and winning in life while you're here until you die. Seriously, what do you have to lose? Nothing. But you have everything to gain. Read Matthew and John in the bible for a little more context on Jesus.

And trust me, I get it; it's a lot. Maybe you want to believe, but this is too much for you, so flat out tell Jesus this.

BTW: My job is not to convince you but to share this game changing great news with you.

Here's a simpler prayer below if you're on the fence:

Jesus, I want a relationship with you, and by faith, I believe you died for my sins. Because I accept this by faith, please come into my heart and change my life. Help me; I am struggling to believe all of this. I want to know if you are real, and I want a relationship with you. Show me who you really are and what life is like with you.

Sis, if you prayed that prayer and you're serious, you're in for an entire life makeover and the best one ever. Ask God to speak to you and show you what life is like with him.

I've legit blogged waaay more than I intended to today. I wish I had more time, but reading those recommended bible chapters is a start, and go ahead and read my entire blog. It's still new, but it's enough to encourage and start you out.

I'm out. See you gals Friday! Until then...

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Coach Rahk

Oh, If you need prayer, an ear, or have any questions about accepting Jesus drop an email to this address

(ps. the bunnies are my total sarcasm. I do not subscribe to pagan traditions).


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