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What's so good about Good Friday? Ep. 11

Happy Good Friday Freebies,

So, we'll have to pick up week two of the purpose series next week. I must take a moment to acknowledge how remarkable and essential this Friday really is.

Today is GOOD Friday, and it's good for a couple of reasons:
  1. You are alive, in your right mind, and blessed with another opportunity to live another day!

  2. Because you have access to a phone, computer, and the internet (privileges that other women your age, somewhere in the world, don't have). Sis, you're fortunate. Hashtag: blessed

  3. Jesus demonstrated the highest form of love by voluntarily trading his life for yours.

All that said, Good Friday is a holiday that I rarely knew much about growing up. I wasn't raised Christian and only gleaned fragments about Jesus, let alone his death and resurrection. I didn't know who he was, his purpose, or the significance of what he did. I'll get into my faith journey another time and spare you the long bible theology lessons by cutting to the chase.

Good Friday is a holiday for Christian believers commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus and his death at Calvary.

The reason it's called Good Friday is because "Good" is an old English expression of the word Holy. Besides, many Christians refer to this entire week as Holy Week anyway.

And this week, we take time to pause, remember, and celebrate Jesus and His life leading up to his death and Resurrection Sunday (what many refer to as Easter).

Which has nothing to do with bunnies, eggs, or rabbits, so don't be distracted. Stay focused! Don't let pagan traditions prevent you from a personal relationship.

Repeat after me: Resurrection Sunday, also recognized as Easter, is a time of year to reflect, appreciate and commemorate what Jesus did at Calvary. I will not be distracted by colorful suits, random traditions, theatrics, bunnies, eggs, rabbits, or even the word "Easter," allowing these to prevent me from pursuing a relationship with Christ.

We good?

And for the sake of simplicity, if you are a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, it's a good thing that He died for our sins. His death is what saved us, humanity, and reconciled us back to God.

Check out my blog from week 7 here, where I briefly touched on being separated from God and why Jesus' death was necessary.

If you're not a believer or just unaware of Jesus' life, read the entire book of Matthew, and for extra credit, read Mark, Luke, and John. And hey, if you're reallllly locked in and looking for what happened after Jesus died, check out the book of Acts while you're at it.

Until then, have a fantastic, GOOD Friday! Spend some time throughout your day thanking Jesus, and be sure to come back in a couple of days for a special Ressurection Sunday post.

Until then...

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Coach Rahk


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