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TGIF (This Girl Is Free) First Friday. Ep 1

Hey there!

Peace and love to you. I hope this entry finds you well.

*Deep inhales followed by a slow exhale before clearing my throat and tapping the metaphoric microphone before me.*

Is this thing on?

So, I've decided to start completely over with this blogging thingy. Besides, It's been years since I've blogged consistently, and soooo much has changed in my life, and I'm sure much has changed for you too, at least I hope so. 😉

For those of you who have absolutely no clue who I am and know nothing about my journey…ALLOW ME TO REINTRODUCE MYSELF.

Before we get started, If you didn't hear Jay-Z's voice reading that line, you might need an urban dictionary to really savor and appreciate this experience with me.

My name is Rahkal Shelton Roberson. I've gone by a few pen names, including Rahkal C. D. Shelton, SistaMom, Rahky, Rahk, Rah-Rah, and Carla D, but you can call me Coach Rahk for our time together.

So, I've thought of a few ways to make my first entry of this new blog engaging but figured I'd simply use it to lay some foundation on who I am. You know, to keep it light. The title of this blog series is TGIF (This Girl Is Free), and that's right, you've guessed it, I'll be releasing new content every Friday.

Since I'll be turning 38 this year, I decided to drop 38 semi-interesting facts about myself to help break the ice and for us to get better acquainted. Yeah, 38 seems like a lot, but you may actually enjoy them. Heck, let's see if I can really come up with 38 things (I'm smirking as I type).

How about this, if you can't stomach or sit through all 38, make sure you at least read the last few lines, so you'll know what's in it for you. Trust. I understand. My attention span is super short, too.

Newlywed 💍

Team Taurus♉️

Jesus Lover🕊

Certified Professional Life Coach📝

Published author📚(click here)

I once jumped out of a moving plane at 14k feet in the air😨

I was engaged to someone else 7 months before meeting my husband🥴

I met my husband on FB in a pandemic and married him 11 weeks later🤯

I was born in Chicago 💨

I am an Irish Twin, and my sister and I are the same age for 6 days👯🏾‍♂️

Lived in 7 different states🗺🧳

Proud HBCU alum (Miss Senior, sports reporter, multi-scholarship recipient) Go Tigers 🐯

Proud mentor to GenZers🤝🏾

Clinical depression and anxiety conquer💪🏾

I've been through some deep 💩 and use my 💩 to empower others

I was a mom of 2 for 2 years 👶🏾

Currently, a grandma of 5 (all 3yrs old and under)👵🏿

Raised Jewish🕎

Terrified of mice and rats 🐀

My highest education is a master's degree 🎓

Love to read (self-help, inspo, memoir, and lots of faith base)📖

Avocado is bird poop🤮

Secret desire to play the drums like Quest Love 🥁

Transparent to transform the lives of others👊🏾

My biggest fear is living life too small😶‍🌫️

The thing I hear the most: I'm extremely wise🤓

Most insecure about my spelling and grammar; although I am a published author🤷🏾‍♀️

I was born a crack baby in the 80s💯

Love serving and being a cheerleader/hype woman for others📣

I'm the friend who can figure ANYthing out or knows someone who knows someone 😎

Didn't learn to drive until I was 22🧐

I am a gifted solutionist and strategist👋🏾

I have lucid dreams as if watching in IMAX and my senses are activated while dreaming 💭

Sade is my favorite singer 🎤

I used to want to be a choreographer growing up💃🏾

Inspiring and empowering others is my superpower🦸🏿‍♀️

I once had a colleague arrested by a cop friend as a bad April Fool's joke😫

My brother and I stumbled upon some hooded Klansmen having a meeting while riding our bikes as kids in Mississippi😵‍💫


Okay, I lost count, but I believe I was close to 38 fun facts. Let's get to the good part, what is this blog about and what's in it for you?

This Girl Is Free (TGIF) is a hybrid of relatable conversations, brain dumping, personal development, empowerment, and inspo from the lens of a true millennial sophistiratchet, blood-washed, believing black woman. I'm talking about pretty much everything and breaking all self-imposed, insecure, and people-pleasing restrictions that I'm allowed to keep me fearful, silent and inauthentic for far too long. TGIF!!!!!! I'm talking faith, fearlessness, friendships, fun, favor, forgiveness, freedom, and other stuff.

ALL 👏🏾 of 👏🏾 it.

What I can guarantee is that my transparency will transform you. I'm here to validate your crazy, offer support, sound strategies, and let you know you're not alone. Lastly, I'm here to coach, encourage and inspire you. So, do me a favor and drop a comment/share with your girls if you're RAHKing with me and if you enjoyed episode one.

Follow me on Tiktok & IG @tgifthisgirlisfree

See you soon.


Coach Rahk


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